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About Empowered Communication

Empowered Communication is the business partnership of Gabriel Muñoz and Felicia Staub. It is a limited liability corporation (LLC). We do Mediation, Trainings, Facilitation, and Coaching aimed toward resolving conflict between people, improving communication skills, and helping clients achieve self-actualization in order to succeed at work and at home.

Felicia and Gabriel met at a training in 2017 and have been collaborating ever since. They have done trainings for businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals and have helped many resolve their conflicts through mediation.

Our Team

Felicia Staub

Felicia Staub has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She trained in mediation and conflict resolution at Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) in Washington. She is certified with the Washington Mediation Association and the DRC of Snohomish, Island, & Skagit Counties, as well as having endorsements in family and victim/offender mediation and expertise in parent/teen mediation. She has mediated over 1100 cases since 2008. She is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Washington Mediation Association (WMA). Felicia is a seasoned trainer, presenting trainings since 2000 for groups including universities, Native American tribes, and federal prisons. She is the Practicum and Mediator Coordinator for the Snohomish DRC, as well as being a Staff Mediator. She brings extensive experience, tremendous dedication, great organizational skills, and a lot of creativity to her work. Felicia has won awards from the Whatcom DRC in 2010 for her mediating, a Rookie of the Year Award from the WMA in 2011, from the Freedom Project in 2012 for her work presenting and coordinating trainings in prison, and a Mediation Champion Award from the WMA in 2024.


Felicia is committed to helping people live peacefully and achieve their highest goals through conflict resolution and training.

What our clients and others are saying

Jim Kramper, past Board Member, DRC of Yakima & Kittitas Counties

Felicia, I wanted to thank and compliment your skills and compassion in working with the problematic mediation we had last week. In my opinion, your actions evidenced the highest level of professionalism and caring. Thank you for your efforts in making a difference in the lives of the family involved and the community as a whole.

Joanne Conger

You have been quite an inspiration to me. Brave - focused. Really. You've been a complete rock star. You've given me courage in my own pursuits, and I am grateful.

David Imburgia, past Board Member of the Whatcom DRC

Felicia is worthy of recommendation based on several factors. She is very well educated in her field of Mediation. She is dedicated and very engaged. Felicia is creative, and also offers a feeling of being confident and very comfortable in her role for the benefit of her clients.

Gabriel Muñoz

Gabriel Muñoz is a veteran of the U.S Army, has a B.A. in Health Education and a Masters in Management and Leadership. He is an experienced career coach, consultant, and trainer who works with individuals and groups to successfully navigate challenges and opportunities as they walk through their career paths.

As an instructor for Central Washington University, he helped many students earn their G.E.D. through the High School Equivalency Program. He is a Life Skills instructor and Case Manager for People for People where he facilitates seminars, workshops, and classes that enhance the development of positive life and job skills.

Gabriel is building bridges across the community, and he’s an extremely positive role model for youth. He is truly grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Yakima Valley. 

Gabriel has a passion for helping people reach their true potential.

What our clients and others are saying

Nonverbal Communication, Goal Setting, & Time Management Student

Thank you for everything you are doing for me.

Nonverbal Communication, Goal Setting, & Time Management Student

I have only attended a few of your classes but I have truly enjoyed each one! I look forward to them & you do an awesome job! Thank you!

Nonverbal Communication, Goal Setting, & Time Management Student

You are a great person for doing all that you do.

Beautiful sights from the Yakima Valley and elsewhere in Washington that inspire us to work for peace

Mount Adams

Contact Information

Give us a call. We can help.

Empowered Communication
PO Box 269

Yakima, Washington 98907
(509) 654-6379

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